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Who we are

Elisa Mignemi and Allan Kelley started developing the Blackwind System in early 2007, with the intent to create a new and improved ruleset for roleplayers. We wanted to make something that granted complete creative freedom, able to keep up with the way the game evolved across the years.

Our intent is to bring a radically new game philosophy to the table, top quality game modules and a brand new core system. Our team is composed by the two original creators, as well as international collaborators and volunteers from all around the globe who contributed to bringing the project to its current stage. We believe that players deserve an outlet to give in to their wildest inventive drives, and worked hard to bring you all the tools you need to do so.

What we do

From players to players

We have been avid roleplayers and game masters for a collective amount of roughly six decades, and we know exactly what it means to be big on storytelling. For this reason, we care about every aspect of player experience and strive to make it the absolute best we possibly can.

Growing together

Our community is made of people who share one great passion: roleplay. We wish to grow, expand and develop new content with players, see them impact the outcome with their feedback and ride with us for the entirety of the journey.

 Never settle for less

We want only the best for our players, and we know that high standards are the key for publishing great content. Dedication, constant improvement, consistency and never settling for less is what we believe in, making these value the centerpiece of our team building and content making alike.

Shoot for the stars

Constant growth and improvement is what we aim for. Whether it is by raising the bar of our quality and goals, championing the new, or taking the advice of our player base to heart, the Blackwind Project is meant to evolve consistently and publish inventive, daring content.