Elementor #552

The Treasure of Maracaibo

Pirate mini.png

Genre: Pirates

Structure: Cable Plot

Cinematic Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfCOFDICcc4

Pitch: François l’Olonnais was one of the most famous and most feared buccaneers in the Caribbean, known for his cruelty and ferocity. His treasure was rumored to be an immense wealth of gold, jewels and silver rods, lost when a storm sunk his ship off the coast of Pearl Key. Lost to all but an old, mad pirate awaiting execution in the fortress of Santamilla- together with what is left of your crew.

Space Blood: Rescue!

Genre: Space Opera

Structure: Bead-String Plot

Pitch: A distress signal from outer space, a primordial planet, imperial assassins hot on your trail: what could possibly go wrong?

Just another day in the border patrol is about to turn into a living nightmare: your ship receives a distress call from the MADDELLINN SIRI I, forced to an emergency landing on the hostile planet Y10-REGULUS 4. The odds of survival are few, the stakes high, and time is already running out. Adventure calls – will you answer?

Space Blood: Arena

Genre: Space Opera

Structure: Bead-String Plot

Pitch: Your story begins in one of the triangular arenas of the planet Siri Prime, a backwater world at the very fringe of the galaxy. You have been bought by the owner of the gladiatorial school of the Falcon, to be trained, bleed and die for the entertainment of the decadent elite.

However, there is one way out: emerge victorious from five battles, five fights to the death, and you will earn your freedom once more.