Character concepts


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Character concepts are not limited to fitting a list of classes anymore. Now you have only two concerns: fitting the tone of the adventure and having a blast.

Play anything you want, as long as it fits the world, age and tone of the adventure, without any drawbacks

You may now play canonically weak or exceptionally strong concepts without being cut off from the action or bypassing it through sheer numeric might. Odd or unusual characters have also been unlocked, as special powers and unique features do not need to be coded in terms of damage, duration, area of effect, level, and so on. Polymorphed wizard, alien, supermutant, crazy cat lady, ghost, blind archer, time traveler are all equally viable, depending on the chosen context.

Start playing immediately, with simple and balanced character sheets

However, attributes and scores have not been removed. While the character sheets are simpler, allowing players to dive right into the adventure, the might of a character goes hand in hand with their role within the story. While their chances of success are heavily influenced by these values, they will never be completely immune to death and failure. On the other hand, weaker characters may perform outstanding feats and quickly rise to glory, either by luck or dedication.

Create well rounded, interesting protagonists

Just like it happens with plot tools, we also added guidelines and tips to help you lay down your character’s core features. Mold memorable protagonists with fatal flaws, unique skills, goals, arcs and background notes, and let your own creations surprise you by evolving into new, unforeseen shapes.

 How it works

Whether you can or cannot play a concept only depends on your chosen setting and the cut of a story. Being interesting, fun to play and driving the plot forward takes precedence over numeric values, which are used as a tool rather than a limit. Difficulty checks are dynamic and flex depending on who is facing them, and in which circumstances, taking into account elements such as luck, plot armor, and even the character’s state of mind.

Rather than picking classes and feats, players must declare their Role and choose their initial Character Features. It is not necessary to write down a complex background before playing, as the system allows fleshing out protagonists as you go.