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Painstakingly crafted plots at the core of every module

Whether you want to forge your own stories or have the plot written for you, our modules contain a ready made adventure packaged with thrilling plotlines, memorable non player characters, hand drawn illustrations, maps, boards, and everything you need to make the story come to life.

Wide choice of settings, genres and playstyles

Rather than being limited to a single setting we chose to cater to different tastes, styles and genres: from classic sword and sorcery to sci-fi, noir, steampunk, post atomic, pirate stories, western, horror, thriller, spy stories and more. Choose a long running series or delve into trilogies and sagas, try one-shot adventures in the span of an afternoon or immerse yourself in an epic campaign. Pick your favorite genre or try something new, sailing the seven seas one day and thwarting an intergalactic empire the next, for neverending tales of action and mystery.

Customizable and flexible

You may play the adventure modules as they are, or personalize them. Blackwind adventures are made to work hand in hand with the flexible core structure, allowing Directors to add plots and subplots, changing entire chapters, and overall tweaking the story to adapt to the decisions of players. Keep your stories adaptable and fluid, while resting on bomb-proof guidelines.