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Create state of the art plots, rivaling the best live-action epics

Whether you are planning an action packed adventure, a journey to exotic lands or a sordid tale of murder and intrigue, the Blackwind System will support you through every step of the process. The Core Manual contains everything you need to create breathtaking stories, able to go head to head with the likes of series and movies.

Add new, easy to use storytelling tools to your toolbox

A large part of the manual is dedicated to crafting strong narratives: layer simple guidelines with a vast choice of tools, and spice up your stories with countless devices, motifs, tools, archetypes and tropes.

Follow the template or piece together a highly personalized story

The system relies on modular story building: stories are assembled piece by piece, like a jigsaw, allowing you to experiment with custom structures and to draw inspiration from the masters of storytelling. Weave high quality plots in a matter of minutes, keep your players on edge with revelations, betrayals, twists, and bring legendary tales to life with a flick of your wrist.

Effortlessly improvise new plots and sub-plots

We strive to create lightweight, easy to use rules. Plot-making is no exception. Blackwind rules make possible to create fully fleshed plots and sub-plots in a heartbeat, adapting them as you go and according to your needs.

How it works

Every story is made of five founding sections: setup, ascent, middle, fall, and resolution. This manual will help you create an adventure from beginning to end, guiding you through highlights and features, sub-sections, typical episodes, tools, and all the tricks of the trade. Each section contains comprehensive examples, tips and boxes, delivered in a handy step by step format.