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Reduce balance concerns, while keeping die rolls

Blackwind is not a narrative system, and employs die rolls to determine the outcome of certain actions. However, the mechanics have been simplified and shifted to a roleplay oriented perspective.

Reward players for their contribution to the game

The strength of a character is tied to a new scoring system, where players rank up and down depending on their contribution to the ongoing story. This does not depend on something as arbitrary as roleplay quality, which is determined by acclamation from fellow players, but more often on helping the Director shape the story, adding details and depth, strengthening immersion, and beating built-in challenges. Memorable moments, legendary feats, witty one-liners, but also solving riddles, coming up with new ideas and intriguing non player characters and even choosing the perfect soundtrack are valid examples.

Maintain a dynamic scoring system

Characters get better chances to excel and a broader range of specializations according to their current rank. The system is, however, highly dynamic, meaning that lower scores are not cut off from hot streaks and spectacular comebacks.

Reward, rather than punish, the death of a character

Points are granted to players for two simple reasons. One is that characters may now indirectly benefit from contributions that are not connected to in-game events, and the other is that well orchestrated, gripping deaths are not punished, but highly rewarded. Additionally, characters may only die within certain sections of the story, and in special key moments. On one hand this system prevents premature or pointless deaths, and on the other ensures that nobody, not even the strongest hero, will always live through the toughest ordeals.