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“It is now possible to play in any setting you wish. If you can think it, you can play it.”


Play in the setting of any video game, movie, tv series, novel, comic, and more

In a nutshell, this system allows you to continue playing in canon roleplay settings or to embark on a journey in the worlds and eras of your favorite video game, movie, tv series, novel or comic. Play as or alongside your favorite heroes, adapt existing settings to suit your needs, create fictional spin offs, alternate realities, sequels or prequels, fashioned on your personal tastes and creative whims.

Make your own settings with complete creative freedom

Feeling adventurous? Create your own settings from scratch, or adapt existing ones: craft your own worlds, experiment with brand new ideas and genres. Venture into the unknown, explore and discover new features as you go, never knowing what you will find next.

Play in every classic tabletop setting

Veteran player? Take your most cherished adventures off the shelf and revisit them with a brand new set of rules: dive right in with novel character concepts, at the helm of an army or as a ragtag group of beggars, as a dragon in disguise or as a clumsy sorcerer’s apprentice. Find new, cunning and spectacular ways to bring your foes down, create your own signature spells, and breathe new life into the settings you already know and love.

Pick your world or adapt to an existing platform, online and offline

Online? Take with you a portable, lightweight set of rules and merge your chosen platform with fulfilling, action-packed plots. This system works on any game that supports d4 to d20 rolls, and makes full use of character and plot making tools anytime, anywhere.

How it works

The only thing players must do is to agree on what kind of adventure they want to play. This is done by picking a Context, a Genre and optionally a Theme to define the setting, the tone of the story and its backdrop.