The Treasure of Maracaibo – Digital Release

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Now available on DTRPG!

The lastest Blackwind module is now available on DTRPG: a hidden treasure, daring escapes, battles at sea, forgotten islands and Tortugan smugglers await!

François l’Olonnais was one of the most famous and most feared buccaneers in the Caribbean, known for his cruelty and ferocity. His treasure was rumored to be an immense wealth of gold, jewels and silver rods, lost when a storm sunk his ship off the coast of Pearl Key.

Lost to all but an old, mad pirate awaiting execution in the fortress of Santamilla- together with what is left of your crew.

Genre: Pirate

Plot Structure: Cable Plot

Plot Type: Defeating a Threat, Journey, Search

Estimated Gameplay Length: 20+ hours

The Treasure of Maracaibo requires Blackwind Core to play.

⇒ Pdf available on DTRPG - $14.98
⇒ Hardcover - Coming Soon!

What's new?

Quality increase – Artwork

We upgraded the original artwork format to a bigger size. All illustrations are now more detailed, and the artwork previously seen on Kickstarter has been rebooted to better fit the new quality standards.

Maps & Props

We added several maps and “props” you may use while playing the adventure. Some of them are digital, some others 100% hand made. A shout out to Ville Ilmaranta (check out his amazing maps!) for the blueprint of the map of the Caribbean and Jacobus’ Villa!

Templates Overhaul

Templates and formatting have been overhauled for a cleaner, tidier look. We maintained a similar style as the original, but added step and signboard boxes and generally aimed for a sleeker read.

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