What is Blackwind?


The Blackwind Project is the blueprint for an independent role-playing games publisher. It consists of a radically new Core System and a new gaming philosophy, aiming to offer high quality, novel content to roleplayers everywhere. Our main goals are to set a new standard for tabletop modules, to introduce a highly creative, story driven and collaborative style to the roleplaying scene and to encourage variety in storytelling by exploring novel genres and settings.

How far ahead is the project?

The Core Manual is 100% complete and has been playtested extensively, but will only be available to reviewers during pre-campaign. If you are a media outlet, a gaming magazine or website or an official information channel feel free to visit our review us page, or contact us to apply for a copy.

The complete version of  “Arena” (Space Opera) is available for free on the main page, and “The Treasure of Maracaibo” (Pirate) will be the first large module of the set, immediately followed by “Euromorph” (Cyberpunk).

Six more adventures are currently under development:

• Noir
• Steampunk Horror
• Fantasy (Sword and Sorcery)
• Post Atomic
• Spy Thriller
• Western